Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your voice filled my empty, weak soul. 

Your trance like moves set the pace.

Always whisking me to your dark place.
Safe in your presence, I have no fears.

Our duet is harmonious yet lacks the tangibility of a song.
Your noteless beat makes its way into my heart.
You've learned the melody to my favorite song.
The serenade your eyes elude have me craving your every want.
My hands stumble across your skin.
I sing the song that wakes the restless dead. 
Every cord struck by the perfect starry sky.
 Let it fall on those who can hear the music of our moonlit nights.
Your lust filled lips quiet your tongue.

Suffocated by hunger and unquenchable thirst,
my heart gazes over the past.
Kiss my eyes and wish me well, 
help me to see past what could have been. 
Give me the strength to want a different duet. 

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