Sunday, November 12, 2017


I watch as you  kindly poured the poison into my open wounds. 
 I drown in your misery, dizzy from calm you chaotically placed on my soul. 
 Already empty, I have no space left for your cunning words. 
 As I hit a high, I feel my heart bound with ache.
 Your tongue slices my shallow skin, bleeding what’s left. 
 I sit in silence wishing I had tears. 
 Numb to the pain, you continue to delicately please your tainted words.
 In the darkness I am left, broken and cold. 
 I have nothing left to give the officer when the gentleman has taken so much.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your voice filled my empty, weak soul. 

Your trance like moves set the pace.

Always whisking me to your dark place.
Safe in your presence, I have no fears.

Our duet is harmonious yet lacks the tangibility of a song.
Your noteless beat makes its way into my heart.
You've learned the melody to my favorite song.
The serenade your eyes elude have me craving your every want.
My hands stumble across your skin.
I sing the song that wakes the restless dead. 
Every cord struck by the perfect starry sky.
 Let it fall on those who can hear the music of our moonlit nights.
Your lust filled lips quiet your tongue.

Suffocated by hunger and unquenchable thirst,
my heart gazes over the past.
Kiss my eyes and wish me well, 
help me to see past what could have been. 
Give me the strength to want a different duet. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paper Skin

He stands before me, he leans in,
His hand is warm against mine, we are heart to heart.
I wait in anticipation as his eyes follow my every move.
I'm lost in his words and crave his soft lips on mine.

Our bodies touching, innocently as we sit side by side.
laughter fills the space of curious minds.
He watches my lips as i speak.
His loaded eyes keep me guessing.

Scars begin to surface.
We separate.
Angel of silence passes,
tongues of lust are taken,
replaced by soft eyes and hard skin.
I can feel the cold rise from his bones.

We try to pack silence with words.
tongues of fire ignite, 
the sound is obscured by the tension in his eyes.
Our wine stained lips offer courage.
As his hand touches mine,
excitement races through my veins. 
our faces meet...
he sits back, a cloud of smoke leaves his lips and mine,
we watch as the temptation rises. 
this paper doll skin waiting for a rip...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Drift away...

There's always a small ache, 

My heart hurts with every beat.
In my minds eye I see him holding his baby girl,
Smile filled with love.
Hands full with his only real joy...

She's two now...
I see her as he rocks her to sleep. Tiny hands wrap his fingers.
He can't help but love.

She's six now...
Her eyes light up when "daddy" leaves her lips and with that bold name he puts all her fears to rest.
I see him as he rocks her, little arms around his neck, little legs hang by his waist, and her brunette head rests under his fingers as he strokes her hair. 

She's 18 now....
I see her as he holds her head, her face filled with tears,
"He broke my heart dad,"
he caresses her hair;  his arms are her shelter and her hurt is put to rest. 

I see her tell me she loves him, 
her smile is filled with promise, 
"I'm getting married...." 
I see him filled with fear; he has to let his little girl go.

A bond that only god could create, I've broken. 
A bond only man could complete, I've taken away. 

Heal my helpless soul…I'm forever at your mercy.

taken what's mine

Heavy is the evening fog as it creeps over my aching heart.

Where are you going and where have you been? 
Wet cold rain hits her slumbering eyes, refreshing as she wakes.
Where are you going and where have you been?
Her warm breaths meet the cold air.
Where are you going?
The morning hits her and softly lights her bare skin.
Where have I been?
The wet earth beneath her soils the peach flesh.
Where am I going?
Cold air enters her lungs bringing the frozen corpse to life.
Where have I been?
You've taken all I am.
Where am I going?
You've changed all that i'll be.
Where have I been?
Pieces of me seep in to the black earth.
Where am I going?
The rain sets in and I am born again. 
Slow to rise. 
I gather flowers in sadness to wish the pieces of me a fare well. 
You've ruined and filled me with madness I can't leave behind. 
Where am I going?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Swimming Within

Tired of being lost in skin,
a lifetime together and I still can't seem to make it fit.
My brain can process but this body won't react.
It's as if the world has fallen on my deaf ears. 
I've counted how many times the sun has mades its way across the sky,
i'm still, all I can do is watch. 
I'm tired of weathering this demon within. 
I'd rather see red than have the calm of a thousand storms. 
I'm itchy in this numb skin, too tired to tear through it.
It's begin to fester and I can't breathe. 
i feel this skin begin to rip.
quickly i stitch...
i'm lost in this skin...
I'll have to make it fit. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whispers in the Dark

I've combed myself into his veins.
I've smeared my love soaked lips on his. 
It is my flesh under his palm to his fingertips.
I'm the poison in his veins and the venom on his tongue.
I am the restless beast that lays dormant within. 
My Demons have turned his heart cold.
Under the stars i've lost him.
In the moonlight, he is unseen.
My tears are the acid rain that have destroyed my only Rock. 
  In the orchard of our love,
he harvested heartache and pain. 
My body aches with fear, 
the torment swims within me. 
I am a soldier of love and he's a prisoner in my heart.